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I still can’t believe that Henrikh Mkhitaryan

  • has a professional football career and
  • managed to get a degree in sports science
  • now just casually wants to get an economics degree and studies his ass off for his finals during breaks while his colleagues chill on beaches
  • oh and he speaks Armenian, English, Russian, French and Portuguese
  • and now he’s learning German at a pretty fast rate

I need to take some notes from you, man


I haven’t been tagged, but I’m bored and I want to do this game. 

How to play?

1. Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, etc)

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every, type the song that’s playing

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…

What Toni Kroos thinks of you: Ti Sposerò - Nesli (“I’m gonna marry you" by an italian singer)

What Eden Hazard thinks of you: Deep in love -Tom Boxer & Morena ft. J. Warner (HAHAHAHAHA)

What will Olivier Giroud say when he meets you: In the end - Black Veil Brides (Really, Oli?)

What Erik Durm thinks of you: Te amo tanto - Grupo Extra (Lemme fangirl)

Put “Lionel Messi” on the title of the song: Legalizacion (Messi) - Ska P

What Cristiano Ronaldo thinks of Gareth Bale: Love story - Taylor Swift (I laughed so hard I fell from the chair lol)

What will Marco Reus say to you when he meets you:  Wish you were here - Avril Lavigne (aaaw ♥) 

What will happen when you meet Mario Goetze: Finally found you - Enrique Iglesias ft Daddy Yankee (well, then)

Thomas Mueller thinks you are: Halo - Machine Gun Kelly 

Diego Costa thinks you are: Wasted - Tiesto ft Matthew Koma (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and he’s right!)

Julian Draxler’s message for you is: Mas no puedo amarte - Dyland y Lenny (No, sorry, I love your friend)

Juan Mata believes you are: Por siempre - Cali y El Dandee ( I am?)

Daleys Blind thinks you are: Slavic Girls - Donatan ft Cleo (I’m italian, you are wrong)

Theo Walcott believes you are: Adrenalina - Wisin ft Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin

What will Jack Wilshere say if he met you: Tsunami - DVBBS & Borgeous (♥)

Feel free to do it if you want to, it’s funny. No cheating, please lol


All I fucking want is you, but you’re so damn far away. 

And for the second time, I’ll spend my birthday alone





Official Team Photo Shoot 2014/15 | AC Milan Official

#quotes  #♥ 

"Ma io non guardo in faccia nessuno, non vedo te, non vedo te.
Per questo levati e vaffanculo, via da me, da me, da me.
S’accorgerà qualcuno anche di me, di me.
Respiro dentro una nube di fumo, da solo con me, con me, con me."


"non devo scordarmi che come può uccidere
ed è in grado di uccidermi
correggimi se sbaglio
sorreggimi se cado
siamo rondini con il guinzaglio"

—Nave Fantasma (via bepandicorn)

"Che sono pazzo di te
E non è strano che ti voglio ad ogni costo"